Affaire d'Art Fine Art Gallery, Galveston, TX

I am pleased to announce that I now have four works on display, and up for sale, at Affaire d’Art Fine Art Gallery in Galveston, TX.

Affaire d’Art Fine Art Gallery
2227 Post Office Street
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 300-3009

A very special thanks to gallery owners, Scott and Samitha Edwards, for this opportunity.

"Youth" and "Old Age" at East Texas Art League Gallery - Jasper, TX.

The diptych (two part piece) "Youth" and "Old Age" is now on display, and up for sale, in the Gallery Hall at the East Texas Art League:

364 North Austin Street
Jasper, TX 75951
(409) 384-2024

Both panels are housed in custom built frames made from wood that was milled in 1905 - the same year construction of the lighthouse began. 


This piece earned Grand Champion at the 2018 Newton County Fair, and Second Place at the 2018 Port Arthur Community Wide Art Show held at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

Both panels are priced at $2,000.00 each; frames, title plates, and gallery commission included.   


Lighthouses For The Lighthouse Initiative:

Starting today thru Friday, March 16, 2018, McPhail Fine Art is pledging to donate 20% of all purchases* of "Ever On Watch: The Sabine Pass Lighthouse" and "Lonely Sentinel: The Sabine Bank Lighthouse" to The Sabine Pass Lighthouse - Cameron Preservation Alliance's efforts to restore the Sabine Pass Light to its former glory.  And yes, both pieces have been specially discounted for this event. 

"Ever On Watch: The Sabine Pass Lighthouse"

"Ever On Watch: The Sabine Pass Lighthouse"

First lit in 1857, this historic site has weathered countless hurricanes, marsh fires, and even a Civil War Battle, but time has proven its greatest threat as years of exposure have taken their toll on the tower.  The Cameron Preservation Alliance has a long range plan to restore the entire site, but it all begins with shoring up the foundation and rehabilitating the existing tower masonry, which by itself comes to an estimated cost of $750,000.00.  Once this goal is reached additional phases will include reconstruction of the keeper's quarters, out buildings, and boardwalk, with plans to house a museum at the site.  

Your purchase of either of these pieces will help raise money toward the site's restoration, while giving you a visual reminder of the history you're helping to save.  So while art may not save the world, it can help to save the Sabine Pass Light.  

**See below for additional information

Photo Courtesy of Andy Tingler and Sabine Pass Lighthouse - Cameron Preservation Alliance

Photo Courtesy of Andy Tingler and Sabine Pass Lighthouse - Cameron Preservation Alliance

**Individuals interested in other ways to assist the Cameron Preservation Alliance in their efforts to restore the lighthouse and grounds are encouraged to visit their Facebook Page "Sabine Pass Lighthouse - Cameron Preservation Alliance" or the website ""   These sites contain information about the restoration and fundraising efforts and updates about special events that take place throughout the year at or near the lighthouse grounds, as well as information about the alliance's Go Fund Me Campaign.  

*All donations based on 20% of base print price excluding shipping.  Donation pledge only applies to pieces here named in the above announcement.  All other McPhail Fine Art Pieces are excluded from this offer.

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