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"Youth" and "Old Age" now on display at The Museum of The Gulf Coast: Port Arthur, TX

Wesley McPhailComment
 "Youth" (left) & "Old Age" (right) - 8.25" x 24" Oil On Canvas.

"Youth" (left) & "Old Age" (right) - 8.25" x 24" Oil On Canvas.

I was proud to enter "Youth & Old Age" as part of this year's community wide art show and contest, hosted by the Museum of the Gulf Coast, in Port Arthur, Texas.  Both pieces depict the Sabine Bank Lighthouse at two distinct points in time.  "Youth" shows the lighthouse as it appeared in 1906, shortly after completion,  while "Old Age" shows the tower as it appeared circa 2002, shortly before it was dismantled.  

Both pieces are marked for sale at $2,500.00 each.  Both are signed, dated, and labled as originals (on the back).  As a bonus, the price includes the custom frames (not pictured above), each built from reclaimed wood that was milled the same year construction of the lighthouse began.   

Stop by the Museum of The Gulf Coast, 700 Procter St, Port Arthur, TX 77640, to see these pieces, as well as the works of other regional artists.  Here you can also view the Third Order Fresnel Lens that was once housed in this very lighthouse.  More information can be found at 

Show dates: Now through April 7, 2018.  Contest Judging & Family Fun Day (free admission) March 10, 2018