Art, whether created with any intended subtext or not, is mostly interpreted through the viewer’s life experiences. Sometimes a piece speaks to an individual, begging them to explore its deeper meanings, and sometimes Bubba just wants something pretty to hang on his wall.
— Wesley McPhail

Meet Wesley McPhail:

Born in Austin, Texas, Wesley McPhail began drawing before the age of 5, often while perched on a table in the workroom of his father's flower shop.  It was there, through the example of his father and the design staff, he learned that creativity could provide a decent livelihood for anyone willing to "work at it."  It also instilled in him the understanding that a successful artist is always looking forward, always learning, and that a willingness to listen, and above all remain teachable is a requisite for success.  

Still, it wasn't until Christmas of 2016, when his wife gave him a starter set of acrylics, complete with easel, canvas, and brushes, that he decided to give painting an honest try.  Something he'd not considered since his first attempt at age 16 yielded disasterous results. 

With his wife's encouragement, he produced his first genuine painting.  The final product wasn't perfect, but it surpassed his expectations, and was at least good enough to lead a family friend to commission a painting of his very own - Lonely Sentinel: The Sabine Bank Lighthouse

Prints of this first commissioned piece, and many others, are available through this site.  With new works in production, and several commissions on order, we are certain that you will find something to your liking.