Quality At Every Step

Original works are produced on professional quality canvas and hard board surfaces, using a special "smooth surface" preparation technique* .  Utilizing this method gives the finished works a slick appearance without the visible canvas weave common to most paintings.  For Wesley the allure of the smooth surface approach lies in the intricate details that can be worked into a piece, and the wonder in a viewer's eyes when they can't find any discernible brush strokes in the finished piece.

*Unless otherwise indicated in item description - applies to original works only.


Professional Reproductions

When it comes to prints, there is no substitute for professional experience and know how.  That is why McPhail Fine Art is proud to use Windberg Art Center in Georgetown, Texas for all our printing needs.  

Whether seen in the meticulous details of Dalhart and Michael Windberg's original works, the popularity and quality of prints and reproductions found throughout the nation, or in the care exemplified in the multitude of innovative easels and artist's tools they have developed, the Windberg family name has represented a standard of quality in the art world for more than 50 years.   

Whether working to achieve the truest colors, selecting the best in pigment based inks, or choosing from an array of quality canvas and paper surfaces, Richard Windberg and his staff exercise the same level of care and attention to detail the world has come to expect from the Windberg name.  So you can rest assured that your McPhail Fine Art Print, whether on paper or canvas, will stand the test of time. 


Quality Control:

In this era of mass production and print on demand websites one might think a personal touch is lacking, but that isn't the case at McPhail Fine Art.

All McPhail Fine Art prints - signed or unsigned are personally inspected by Wesley McPhail prior to shipping.  Mr. McPhail is keenly aware that an artist's name can be his greatest asset, and a good name won't come from a shoddy product.  

Anyone with questions about our printing and shipping process is encouraged to visit shipping and returns and FAQ  & Information pages.  Or better still, contact us.